Craftsman Bungalow Style Homes,
Designed by you!

Build your craftsman dream home on the lot your already own!

Don’t put your vision at the mercy of the area’s latest inventory of spec homes. Building just the right modern craftsman home through Bungalow Homes ensures you get the home you want and built around your lifestyle.

Thanks to a process streamlined by Bungalow Homes, building on your own lot is the most cost-effective option for creating your ideal living space.  Tell us your vision, and Bungalow Homes will build your custom craftsman style dream home from the ground up. Or, choose from more than 30 available Classic American Bungalow style plans, modified to fit your lifestyle.

Focusing on home building projects in the Washington D.C. metro area with a concentration in Vienna, Virginia, and Montgomery County, MD, our homes are designed and constructed with qualities synonymous with the Craftsman Era:

  • Homes designed and built in harmony with each lot and the landscape that surrounds it.
  • An open floor plan that encourages family interaction.
  • Craftsman-era details such as built-in bookcases, benches and distinctive molding.
  • Designed with an emphasis on natural lighting and openness to the outdoors.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials with an emphasis on structural integrity and environmental sustainability.

What is a Bungalow Style Home?

A bungalow home (or modern craftsman) style is one that focuses on its inhabitants and the way they live and interact. An efficient design that eliminates the concept of “wasted space,” every aspect of a bungalow home has a purpose. Every square foot of the home is created for the purpose of living.


The Bungalow Homes Mission

At Bungalow Homes, our mission is to construct the ideal modern-craftsman home around the personality, budget, needs and living aspirations of each of our clients, doing so in a timeline-oriented fashion. Our goal is to build these homes on lots already owned by the client as we believe this is the most cost-effective way for a discerning homeowner to achieve his or her vision of the “dream home.”

As we work to fulfill this mission, our philosophy is simple: client empowerment. Our very existence is based on providing clients the tools they need to turn a set of visions and lifestyle goals into the home of their dreams, and doing this in the most open, honest and cost-effective way possible.

From our first site meeting all the way through the budgeting, design and construction process, we strive to empower clients through information, access and control. It’s your lot; it’s your vision – we’re simply here to ensure a smooth ride toward the home of your dreams.