Why Build?

The home you fell in love with years ago no long matches your family, your lifestyle or your future. The time has come to transition into something more you – something that best meets your needs and desires both today and into the future.

The time has come to build your dream home, and there’s no better place to do it than on your own lot!

Why build? The answer’s two-fold:

  1. When you build, you invest in your vision.
    The housing market is full of new, move-in-ready spec homes designed to fit a generalized version of the family lifestyle, as determined by a builder and/or investor. That’s not you.

    Don’t invest in someone else’s vision. Invest in yours. That’s what building is all about.

    No one understands your living aspirations better than you. That’s why at Bungalow Homes, our mission is to empower our clients – to give them the tools (and the team) they need to pursue their dream of the perfect home.

    We work with you to create a design that matches your lifestyle today as well as into the future, and we guide you through the process of selecting a floor plan, materials, finishes, etc., that reflect your unique personality … your personal vision of “home.”

  2. Invest in value, not commissions.
    When you build a home on your existing lot, you only pay for what you get: a house. What a concept!
    In contrast, consider the additional fees you pay when purchasing an existing, pre-built spec home:

    • Real Estate Commissions: As it stands right now, real estate commissions can cost a home buyer an additional 6 percent on top of the cost of the home.

    • Taxes, Expenses and Fees: A spec home builder racks up expenses through taxes and carrier fees, as well as through marketing and sales-related costs that are passed along to buyers.

    • Principal Considerations: If you’ve lived on your property for a few years, you’ve likely begun paying into the principal on your loan. Why start over with a new home loan, losing the equity you’ve thus far built?

These fees and interest add up to tens of thousands of dollars, money that impacts the final sale price of a home despite having nothing to do with the home’s quality or livability. Nor do you have control or input regarding home layout or interior materials and finishes. This simply isn’t a good investment for your money.

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