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Aging in Place: Universal Design Extends Your Home's Livability.

If you’re going to invest in designing and building your dream home, you’re doing it for the long term. Therefore, you’ll not only want to plan for your living aspirations today, but also for your needs 20-plus years from now. Lifestyles change, and so do our physical needs. It pays to plan ahead.

At Bungalow Homes, we can offer you advice for designing a home that allows you to age in place – a home that, after the kids are grown and you enter a new phase in your life, is built so you can live barrier free, no matter what life throws at you. In the building industry, we call this Universal Design.
A universally designed home is one built to be functional to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of age, ability of physical limitation. From wider halls and doorways to consistent flooring throughout to storage spaces and cupboards that are easy to access, we can advise you on ways to construct your home based on many of these principles.

Some call universal design an aging-in-place consideration. Others call it maximizing your investment.  At Bungalow Homes, we simply call it creating a sustainable environment you and your loved ones can call home for the long term, regardless of your future station in life.

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