Meet the Designer

Meet the Designer: Let's Talk About YOUR Vision

After your initial on-site meeting with Bungalow Homes, you’ve determined that, yes, you wish to pursue building the home you want. You have vision – a feeling, perhaps – of the ideal home for you and your family, but what are your design options?

Time for the next step: a complimentary visit with Christian Gladu of Gladu Designs. Gladu Designs offers both pre-packaged plans, or customization options to modify existing plans to your specifications.  Check out, and

Along with a representative from Bungalow Homes, you’ll sit down to a virtual meeting with Gladu, one of Bungalow Homes’ most trusted collaborators. During this meeting, you will learn what options exist in designing your ideal, craftsman-style home.

What is a fully customized home design? Can a stock plan be modified? What design options best match your budget? How does the process work, and who will you work with to ensure you get the home you envision? This is your chance to ask questions, and it’s our chance to share with you the most cost-effective options for creating your ideal living space.

Consider this a simple “getting to know you” meeting during which both parties are given the opportunity to speak with one another to gauge compatibility and level of commitment.

 Build a Custom Home

Build your vision from scratch. Team up with Bungalow Homes and the home visionaries at Christian Gladu Designs, and watch your dream unfold through thoughtful design, budgeting and placement – all based around your future living aspirations.

 Home plans and Redesign


Bungalow Homes and Christian Gladu Designs collaborate to offer more than 30 stock home options to match your lifestyle, your budget and your lot. Plans are customizable to ensure your home meets your personal vision not just for today, but into the future.