Meet the Bungalow Homes Team

Bruce Trojan, Principal/Owner

Bruce has successfully managed a number of high-end residential construction projects from beginning to end – from site selection and planning/design coordination all the way through to construction management. His passion for managing the micro details ensures he oversees the complete process that turns a house into a home. After a highly successful career in the health care industry where he proved an affinity for operations, budgeting and project management, Bruce changed course in order to blend these strengths with his expertise in (and passion for) residential construction. The results [link to portfolio pics] speak for themselves.

Christian Gladu, Designer

Christian is the owner of Christian Gladu Designs and a collaborator with Bungalow Homes. His understanding of context, site, environment and his willingness to listen has been the key ingredients to building a design firm that focuses on the unique needs of every client. This approach has served him well through the years as he’s become a nationally respected and recognized home designer. Christian has authored three books while contributing to numerous other books, articles and publications. He has been featured on HGTV; authors a weekly blog that focuses on design, energy efficiency and green building principles; and is a much sought-after lecturer and guest speaker.