What's Green? That's Up To You.

Environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our culture today, but when it comes to home building, the value of “green” is as diverse as the personalities and lifestyles of our clients.

Bungalow Homes is an Energy Star-certified builder, so if reducing your carbon footprint is your goal, we’re able to build you a home that applies sustainable concepts that match your functional aspirations.If energy efficiency is one of your main goals, we can build you a home that’s Energy Star-certified. The decision is yours.

As standard practice, however, Bungalow Homes uses above-code insulation values with advanced installation practices. Incorporating these practices with careful duct design, sealing and testing, and the use of high-efficiency windows ensure energy efficiency and superior air quality. This reduces your energy bills and, yes, your carbon footprint.

In the process of weighing the “greening of your home,” Bungalow Homes provides you with your options and will walk you through potential financial considerations, such as tax credits and an analysis of short-term costs vs. long-term benefits.

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