Call for Site Visit

Sizing Up Your Lot: Contact Bungalow Homes for a Site Visit

If you’re considering building a new home on your lot, and the efficiency and style of a craftsman/bungalow home appeal to you, setting the wheels in motion is as simple as a phone call. Contact us, and schedule a complimentary, on-site visit with Bungalow Homes. Here’s how it works:

  • You call. Simple step, no? Well, it certainly should be, yet the prospect of making this first connection can feel daunting. This isn’t a decision to take lightly, after all. Keep in mind, however, that this is a call without commitments, so consider it exploratory. Just provide your address and answer a few questionsabout your lot, and a representative from Bungalow Homes will schedule a face-to-face visit with you. Simple as that.

  • Pre-Visit: The scheduling of a site visit means homework for the Bungalow Homes team. Prior to your meeting, we will check local zoning of your lot and your neighborhood. We’ll view your lot and the placement of your current home via Google Maps and, based on zoning, we’ll have determined a general “building envelope” for your plat – the area on the lot within which it’s appropriate to build.

  • The Visit: At no cost, Bungalow Homes project manager will walk your lot to determine its building envelope, landscape, local zoning, etc. You will briefly discuss your vision for the lot and the preliminary budget you have in mind for the new build, and we will discuss with you the various options you have when working with Bungalow Homes – from a completely custom build to the utilization of pre-designed stock plans.

Next step:  Meet the Designer