Build a Custom Home

The process of build your custom home

You have a vision of the ideal home for you and your family – something that will accommodate your lifestyle today, in 20 months and in 20 years. You’re in luck. Bungalow Homes has a trusted collaborator in Christian Gladu Designs – one of the preeminent craftsman and bungalow home designers in the country – and together we know how to make your dream a reality.  

Building a custom craftsman/bungalow home on your lot means you’re a homeowner of discerning tastes, one who knows himself (or herself) well and is eager to make bold decisions to ensure your new home is comfortable, functional, efficient, accommodating and reflects the living aspirations of your family. You know a custom-designed home may cost a little more than one built from a stock plan, but you’re in it for the long haul. Your goal is to create a living space that fits you like a warm and timeless sweater.

With Bungalow Homes and the home visionaries at Christian Gladu Designs, you’ll reach this goal. And with our help, you’ll reach it while staying within your budget. You’ve read our “Call for Site Visit” section; now here's the first step you'll take to get your there:  Pre-Design


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