What is Bungalow?

A bungalow home (or modern craftsman) style is one that focuses on its inhabitants and the way they live and interact. An efficient design that eliminates the concept of “wasted space,” every aspect of a bungalow home has a purpose. Every square foot of the home is created for the purpose of living.

When enter a bungalow home, you won’t find a long hallway connecting distinctly separate rooms. Rather, the bungalow lifestyle is one of welcoming entryways and open floor plans, promoting both comfort and family interaction. Bruce Trojan, owner of Bungalow Homes, likes to say it this way: “You don’t walk in a bungalow home; you walk through it.”

Functionally, the design of a bungalow home, by its very nature, promotes space and energy efficiency as well as the efficient use of materials. Common features you might find in a modern craftsman home include built-in features such as bookcases, benches and molding; strategically placed windows for maximizing the use of natural light; and a home constructed in harmony with the landscape of its lot.


Features of a Bungalow