Pre-Construction: Getting the Ducks in a Row

You now have in your hands a hardline diagram of the home you’ve dreamed of for years. Time for construction, right? Well, not quite. There’s still more work to do, but fortunately for you, the ball’s mostly in Bungalow Homes’ court to get through this next phase: pre-construction. Through the pre-construction phase, a Bungalow Homes project manager will work to get your home’s plans approved by several parties so you’re able to acquire the relevant permits needed to legally build the home. They’re putting their stamps of approval on our plans to say that the house is structurally sound, the house is zoned properly and that the house is efficient and will pass all local and county codes.

At the same time, the project manager will coordinate between the structural engineer, the civil engineer, the HVAC rep and your home designer. As decisions made by each of these parties can affect all others, it’s the job of Bungalow Homes to make sure each is on the same page and frequently communicating with one another. “It’s my responsibility,” says Bruce Trojan of Bungalow Homes, “to recognize any potential issues with either of these entities and correct it.”

Once the plans are endorsed and stamped by all parties, Bungalow Homes submits the final plans for approval by the local zoning department, which will ultimately issue both the demolition permit for your old house and a building permit for your new home.

Next Step: Construction